Interested in applying to Seriously Casual? Great!

Important Information and Tips

Make your application as elegant as possible. Make a good first impression and type clear and concise answers. We probably will not accept an application with ''l33t spe@k'' and ''run on sentansays that maek no seence with lots of speeling errars.'' The presentation of your application says quite a lot about you as well.

Unless you are a Deity among us lowly WoW players and have an amazing line of reasoning for it, please do not app in gear that is not relevant to the current content. We understand there are exceptional players, but there is a minimum gear requirement for playing competitively with us at all. Any one of our members can look at your armory for less than a minute and tell if you care about your character or not. Please take the time to look at your gems/enchants/reputations before you decide to apply. Also, nobody cares about your Gear Score.

We are not currently recruiting members for the express purpose of PvP only rank. If you are interested in applying, note that we have a PvE focus and although we don''t mind if you partake in RBGs or the like, it is not our priority, nor should it be yours as an applicant.

If you are a mainly PvP player who has little to no raiding experience, we understand that you are probably a decent player, but take a moment before applying, as you will be treated as any other potential applicant with no raid experience, and we will probably decline. A good PvP resume can be beneficial alongside an equally thorough PvE resume, but it will not stand on its own.

How to Apply

Please copy the form below and make a new thread in the Application Forums with your Name/Class/Spec in the thread title.

Please copy and paste our application template in to the] Application Forum and answer all of the questions thoroughly.

The title of your thread should include your name, class, and specialization. Ex: JohnDoe - MM/BM Hunter



How can we contact you in-game?:

List your age and availability: (I.e. can you make our raid times?)

Tell us about your raiding history: (Previous guilds and reason for leaving/Previous tier progression/Other interests/etc.)

Character Information
Armory Link:

Logs Link:

List your artifact knowledge level and number of artifact traits:

Which talents do you tend to swap out the most from boss to boss, and why?: 

Misc Additional Information
What resources do you use to stay up to date with your class(s) and specialization(s)? 

Are you comfortable with temporarily switching specializations or sitting if we need a different raid composition?

We use Discord for communication outside and during raids. Do you have Discord and a working microphone and are you comfortable communicating with the guild?

Feel free to make any additional comments or ask questions of us:

Accepted as an applicant?

Trial Period

Applicants are invited to the guild with the rank of Applicant, enabling them to communicate with the rest of the guild using guild chat, see gmotd for latest raiding schedule information, etc.

Applicants should expect to be judged on their performance in raids as well as how they act, be that in raids, in guild chat, on forums etc. We''re not interested in drama queens, or people acting like immature brats. Applicants behaving like that will find their stay with us short lived.